Figi Jézi has several projects that will be tackled head on in order to reach its goal. Empowering Haitian communities by creating a sense of independence. The following projects will not be accomplished in any specific order, rather individually initiated according to the current needs and available resources.
Current Projects
Property Purchase
We are currently raising funds and searching for property in Haiti's Northern region. The goal of Figi Jézi is to begin the construction process before the end of the year.
Wall Construction
Safety is a priority for Figi Jézi. After the property purchase we will begin to construct a safety wall. Construction groups will be invited to join us at that time.
The center of our mission is a high quality orphanage. One equipped to take on twenty-four orphaned children, as well as six caregivers, a family style dining area, a nurse's station, and two large school rooms for future use all centered around an outdoor courtyard.
By hiring local widows and widowers to care for the children and do grounds work Figi Jézi will provide devastated families the ability to provide for themselves.
Future Projects
Figi Jézi will provide a sanctuary for the community to gather together in worship and prayer. We desire to seek out and train our aging orphans to be its future leaders.
An estimated 54% of the females and only 48% of the males in Haiti have received any type of education. Figi Jézi will house, on location, schooling for the orphaned children and free to low-cost education for the children of its employees.
Trade Building
Equipping the orphans with tools for employment is a necessary step towards long-term sustainability. The orphans will be taught trades according to their strengths and the current needs of the community in order to provide a living for themselves.
Business and ministry opportunities will be provided according to the trades learned for orphans aging out of the system. This provides opportunity for the aging orphans to live independently, incorporates funds back into the organization, and provides needed resources for the community as well.
Along with various medical mission groups the orphanage will host a nursing station that will provide regular check-ups for the orphans. This allows the growth of each individual resident to be assessed and documented for easy tracking. Any deficiencies will be addressed and closely monitored by our trained medical staff.
In attempts to reach out to the neighboring community Figi Jézi will host various events. Events will include but are not limited to, vacation bible school, community clean-up days, movie and popcorn nights, picnics, soccer tournaments, medical clinics, clean water resourcing, ect.
Long-Term Project
The orphanage and schooling unit has been designed appropriately to incorporate an additional level in the future doubling the amount of children served.
Start Over
Once the Organization has become self sustaining Figi Jézi desires the opportunity to replicate the mission in different locations using the same model and organizational unit.