Who We Are

Figi Jézi is a Non-Profit Organization believing in creating a sense of independence and striving to raise up future leaders.

Our desire is to build an orphanage less like an institution and more like a home. One that is conducive to promoting growth and strengthening the surrounding communities.

We are a group of individuals committed to the call of sharing the love of Christ with His children that are misplaced but never forgotten.

Our Mission

Improving the lives of Haitians affected by extreme poverty, neglect, lack of resources, and fear...Breaking the cycle.

Our Vision

Providing HOPE to the children of Haiti, showing and teching that God loves them.

Helping those that need it
Orphan rescue
Providing jobs and resources
Enriching the community

  • What we are doing Building a withstanding establishment for widows and the fatherless children of Haiti, in a safe and loving environment that emphasizes education and trade building while supporting business and ministry opportunities.
  • What will be the outcome Developing and empowering Haitian leaders capable of independently maintaining and operating high quality orphanages, schools, and churches while reaching out to the surrounding communities as well.
  • Why we do what we do Restoring hope in Jesus name to those that have lost all hope for tomorrow.

Our Staff

A team of dedicated leaders with a vision.

Figi Jézi was founded in 2014 by Telsaint Morisset (a Haitian native) and his wife Amanda. They will be relocating to Haiti in order to oversee the mission and initiate all future projects. Telsaint is a Haitian native that left on a boat of 350 people after a military coup ousted the country's president. He was brought by the Coast Guard to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and later came to Grand Rapids as a refugee through a local foster care program where he met his wife Amanda. Amanda is a Registered Nurse working for a local hospital that desires the opportunity to share her passions with the people of Haiti. David, our Vice President, is a Grand Rapids native who joined the team helping with earthquake relief and quickly became a highly respected and reputable asset in the Northern Haitian communities. Figi Jézi is overseen by its trusted board of advisers: Roger Brower, Brett Deacon, Brad Debruyne, Gary Schuler, and Marsha Visser.

Telsaint Morisset
President / Founder

Amanda Morisset
Executive Director / Co- Founder

David Hamlin
Vice President of Operations

Our Future Residents

Our Requirements

Due to the current situations in Haiti, Figi Jézi can only accept children that have lost both Mother and Father. Hiring local widowers, however, to assist with grounds work as well as Widows to watch over the children provides a financial opportunity to provide for their families.

Our expectations

Figi Jézi holds itself to high expectations in order to fulfill the Mission. We plan to assess our children regularly for any hindrances preventing growth spiritually, physically, cognitively, and mentally as well as provide opportunities to overcome them barriers.